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Want to schedule a reading?

I offer virtual Dimensional Tarot card readings and tutoring appointments. I tutor in Dimensional tarot, which I recommend you know your basic tarot before you take it on. If you are not familiar with basic tarot aspects, then I offer basic tarot tutoring to get your bearings. Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 8 PM to Midnight EST. I am also available for In-Person readings, which is detailed below in another section.

In the Dimensional Tarot card readings, we lay down 3 oracle cards (a moon, chakra, and spirit totem), alongside 9 tarot cards - each representing one point in the Enneagram. In the half hour and hour readings for Dimensional Tarot, we will lay down three more cards on additional points to drill into the influencing elements of each point or oracle card.

For the tutoring sessions, I have two hour virtual appointments. These may run to two and a half hours, but I do not charge you for this. I want to lower the cost of entry for learning so that is why my rates are slightly lower for the tutoring than the reading. I recommend the Dimensional Tarot tutoring for those that already have a strong, standing knowledge of the tarot and have their craft down. This form of tarot takes a deep look at each tarot card from 9 different perspectives as we combine it with the Enneagram. I will be primarily reviewing the Enneagram system, how it connects to the tarot, the energetic flow that accompanies it, and a demonstration together to get the basics down.

For the basic tarot tutoring, I review each of the 78 tarot cards in upright and reverse. We look at overarching concepts for the suits and court cards, alongside how to do a 3-card spread and a Celtic Cross. From there, we will also review a few psychology concepts and how they link to the tarot for further exploration.

Want more than 15-Minutes?

Want to schedule more than 15 minutes or look at my tutoring options? I also have discounted reading and tutoring rates below.


Want to meet In-Person?

I attend The Local Radish on some Saturdays from Noon to 6 PM. I also host Tarot Study Groups and a Basic Tarot Class on Sundays during the month. You'll find information regarding these events below and if you'd like, check out my EventBrite (CLICK HERE) or by going to my FaceBook Events page (CLICK HERE).

Join me for readings for Dimensional Tarot! This can be a very emotional style of reading that reveals where we hold stagnant energy and where we can move that energy for resolution. I use three oracle decks to provide general energy – a moon, chakra, and spirit totem deck are used. We then pull 9-cards for the base Dimensional Tarot reading. In the half hour and hour readings, we will lay three cards down on several of the points to drill further into the influencing elements of that point.

I take walk-in appointments for the hours that I am available; however, I do book appointments in advance if you want to confirm your reading time and slot. I do not guarantee that I can take all walk-ins and there may be an appointment listing running if days are busy - but most times, I am able to accommodate everyone. :) 

Want to learn all that the tarot has to offer? Check out my Basic Tarot Class. The cost of the class is $65 plus Eventbrite fees, which is due at registration. Remember to bring your own deck, something to take notes and write with, and begin your journey into the tarot today!

What you’ll learn:
- We will review each of the 78 tarot cards – upright and reversed.
- 3-Card and Celtic Cross Spreads, including demonstration and guidance.
- How Psychology concepts relate to the tarot and fun ways to explore the tarot.
- Additionally, I will be bringing a variety of oracle and tarot decks so we can share our passions!
- I will also be bringing several books that I utilized to learn to help visualize how I got my start.

Join us at the Tarot Study Group for an evening of sharing and community. We are encouraging people to bring their spare tarot or oracle decks for trade (as something fun to do), we will have refreshments, and activities.

Learn more about Dimensional Tarot!

Pastel Path is dedicated to Dimensional Tarot, which combines Enneagram Personality analysis and tarot cards. Brought to the United States in the 1960s, the Enneagram of Personality has roots in antiquity and has become increasingly popular over the decades. A tarot card deck is made up of 78 cards. It has 156 card interpretations because there are upright and reversal meanings - with this system combination, each card now has 9 base interpretations - adding a profound complexity to tarot analysis as card interpretability goes to over 1,500.

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